We want to combine comfort, beauty and practicality while putting in order in our house. There are perhaps the main features of modern interior: free space, laconic architectural forms, natural colors, lack of decorative excesses and the completeness. Only the unity of all the details is creating a comfortable atmosphere and comfort.. Amazing is nearby.

Rugs return in fashion today with some wealth of life and modern technology enable to implement  your own projects and dreams. Carpets are wellknown since ancient times. The handmade carpet made by the hard work was considered an attribute of luxury and comfort for many centuries. As a result, the carpets became one of the basic item in the luxuriously furnished homes.

An integral part of your home can become my proposed author's carpets, rugs, Ukrainian woven clothing and accessories made from natural materials of animal and vegetable origin handmade This will give you soft, stylish, naturalness and completeness.

In addition to big range of high quality carpets with traditional ornaments, we offer for you the exclusive collection that meets the highest requirements of the customer and allow to create a "spirit of solidity, to realize the boldest ideas in the design of the original interior.

Uniqueness and originality of your home will add our elite rugs developed by special technology, which is an alternative to shaggy carpets. The uniqueness of each room will be emphasized by the availability of the designs in a various style and direction, a wide range of colors and the opportunity to develop a custom-made picture.

A custom-made authors carpet  is not only the usual fitment, it is a work of art. Custom-made carpet can be any size (the largest carpet width - 1.5 m, length unconditioned) that fits a particular environment. The flowover of the furniture, picture composition and color will create a new personal space in your home. Design of the high-quality carpets defines by the classic noble naturalness, emitting peace and comfort, both in modern and in more traditional interiors.

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